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Let the Wind Blow Through Your Hair in a Convertible

The convertible is a style of car that has been sought after for generations. From the full-sized two-door hardtops of the 50s and 60s like the Chevy Bel Air to more modern convertibles like the Ford Mustang and the Audi TT, when you are in a convertible you are sure to turn some heads.

Convertibles are bold, stylish, luxurious choices that allow the sun to shine in on your drive and the wind to tousle your hair (when you want it to). Whether you go with a retractable soft top or a removable hard top, the convertible body type says that you won't be confined and that you are ready for fun.

Guess what else? Convertibles aren't as pricey as many people think! With Curbside Motors near Tacoma, WA, you can find a great used convertible car for a great price. Our website allows you to shop by year, trim, or even exterior color so you can get the perfect convertible for your driving needs!

Convertibles Have Come a Long Way

The first retractable hard top vehicle came along in 1922 and immediately made a huge impact. Sadly, while the ride was great in the summer it was nearly unusable if the weather was anything less than perfect. Today's convertibles are a far cry from the season-specific rides of yesterday. Today, you can find both 2-seater and 4-seater convertibles, luxury cars and exotic sportsters, traditional convertibles and t-top models.

Plus, with the invention of heated seats, heated steering wheels and high-end windscreens, you can put your top down in the colder months and feel just as toasty as you would in the summer. So head over to Curbside Motors in Lakewood, WA and see just how exciting driving a convertible can be!


  • An Open Air Feeling of Freedom
  • Well-Priced Options Available
  • The Envy of Others


  • Limited Rear Leg Room
  • Limited Trunk Space
  • Fabric Roofs can Leak as they Age


Show Off in a Sporty, Head-Turning Coupe

The appeal of a coupe is undeniable. Here at Curbside Motors, we get that the idea of cruising down the road in Lakewood, WA in your bold, athletic coupe is a hugely appealing one. But is a coup the right car for you? Well, that depends on a few key things.

The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is whether or not you're comfortable with a 2-door vehicle rather than a more traditional 4-door sedan-style vehicle. 2 doors can be limiting if you have young children or a lot of gear you need to toss into the back seat every day. Of course, if those aren't battles you're dealing with, then there are a lot of benefits to the 2-door style coupe, as well.

What kind of benefits? Speed, of course! Having only 2 doors means you have fewer openings in your car, which allows for a harder shell (body), which means the suspension has to do less work, you can take corners at greater speeds with less lean and you can just plain go faster. A coupe will always move quicker than a sedan, even if they have the exact same HP under the hood.

When you're ready, check out our selection of coupes at Curbside Motors, then swing by our showroom for a test drive!

Coupes Are Built for Fun

The first coupe was French and was drawn by horses – yes, horses, not horsepower. Still, it turned a lot of heads and was instantly considered a leaner, more attractive look that played to the well-off.

That notion continues to this day. Whether you're hitting the road in Tacoma, WA or taking a road trip down the coast, the coupe speaks volumes. It screams of fun, exhilaration and a live-for-the-moment attitude. That's why you see celebrities, top athletes and weekending business moguls behind the wheel of a coupe.

Sure, the coupe isn't the most practical car – but who cares, you want to be seen and to make a statement with your ride. That's the beauty of a coupe – both then and now. They look good, they're a blast to drive and they get noticed. If that sounds like what you're looking for, consider a coupe from Curbside Motors today!


  • Fast and Athletically Designed
  • Better Handling than Sedans
  • Attractive and Unique


  • Limited Trunk Space
  • Small, if any, Rear Seat
  • Not Practical for Family Driving


Get Easy Access to Everything in a Hatchback

Sure, in the United States, sedans outsell hatchbacks. In fact, sedan-style vehicles outsell hatchbacks by quite a bit. But in most other countries, hatchbacks reign supreme over sedans. Why? Great question. Let's take a look.

The truth is that hatchbacks are simply more practical than sedans in a lot of ways. Yes, we are used to sedans in the states, but if you really think about it, a hatchback not only provides the same ease of access for the driver and passengers, but also allows a greater ease of access when it comes to putting things in the back. Logically, the larger opening of a hatchback's hatchback makes jamming those bikes or the last bag of groceries into your car less stressful.

Plus, when you pop down a 60/40 split-folding rear seat in the back of a hatchback, you gain a greater amount of cubic feet than with the traditional sedan-style car.

In fact, with some vehicles, like the Mazda3, you can end up with an interior cargo space that rivals that of a small SUV when you lower the second-row seats. That is undeniably impressive!

The point is, if practicality is something you consider when buying a car, if room for camping gear, tools or groceries is important, then a hatchback from Curbside Motors near Tacoma, WA may just be for you.

Hatchbacks Have Comes a Long Way with their Looks

The Hornet is considered by most to be the first hatchback car made by a U.S. auto manufacturer. It had a vent-like rear window, only 2-doors and a very angular design. Today, the hatchback offers a lot more variety and body styles to suit all tastes.

You can save money with a smaller subcompact like the Ford Focus or go with something a little sportier like the MINI Cooper. You can even opt for an electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf or a hybrid like the Toyota Prius. There is a world of options out there for those wanting the practicality of a hatchback without the old station wagon look that many of us grew up with.

Plus, since more recent hatchbacks feature the same options as their sedan counterparts, such as USB ports, smartphone integration and navigation, you don't have to sacrifice anything if you decide a hatchback is for you. To make your shopping decision even easier, Curbside Motors has our Lakewood, WA inventory right online. Find your perfect hatchback today!


  • Practical and Roomy
  • Variety of Designs
  • Economical


  • The stigma of the Station Wagon
  • No Trunk-Like Privacy
  • Boxier than Sedans


Enjoy a Vehicle that is Made for Families

It was the late 70s when Chrysler decided they wanted to design a family-centered van that looked and handled more like a car. It took six years of work, but they eventually came out with the very first minivans – which launched in 1983. Today, the minivan continues to be associated with families, but the truth is, the minivan has come a long way since the 80s and is definitely worth a look if you're wanting a practical vehicle with a lot of cargo space, the best safety features and a lower price point than an SUV.

Let's start with the interior, offering 3 rows of seats and a 7 or 8 passenger capacity. Nothing to scoff at if you're hauling kids to school in Lakewood, WA or taking the crew on a cross-country road trip. Of course, with many minivans, you also get things like in-vehicle entertainment systems to keep the passengers happy, stow-and-go seats that collapse completely into the floor to massively open up the cargo space, and available 2nd-row captain's chairs so adults who don't make the "shotgun" cut don't have to feel cramped in the rear.

Need another reason? How about the fact that driving a minivan can save you money – not just on gas, but on insurance too. A study by AAA found that minivans average 65 cents per mile to drive, taking into account gas, tires, maintenance, insurance and depreciation, which is less than both sedans and SUVs. Now that's a good deal!

This isn't Your Parents' Minivan

When the minivan came onto the market in the 80s, it was hugely popular. Then the 90s and early 00s came along and saw a decline in minivan sales as SUV and crossover sales rose. Today, the minivan is back and is bringing some great redesigns to the table. Modern minivans offer easy access, hands-free doors and liftgates, as well as more shapely grilles and bolder bodies. You can find minivan's with 20-inch wheels and enough style to make the minivan the only vehicle your family needs – meaning it looks good whether you're with your kids or on a date night.

Don't have kids? You should still consider a minivan if you love hitting the open road or haul a lot of cargo from A to B, as the money you'll save at the pump over a traditional van or SUV will definitely be noticeable.

Curbside Motors near Tacoma, WA has a great selection of minivans for you to choose from. Pick your favorite, then come in for a test drive today!


  • Spacious and Versatile
  • Easy In/Out for Kids
  • Great for Road Trips


  • Stigma from Boxier Older Models
  • Not as Powerful as SUVs
  • Fewer Body Options

Pickup Truck

A Pickup Truck's Power is Unrivaled

The first pickup truck was the Ford Model T Runabout and sold for a whopping $281. It had a wood-framed bed and smaller engine that wasn't great at towing, but could haul quite a bit for the 1920s. The modern pickup truck may cost a little bit more, but it also performs tasks that no other vehicle can come close to competing with.

Today, full-sized pickup trucks can tow more than 35,000 lbs. and have payload ratings in the thousands, as well. They boast powerful V8 or turbocharged diesel engines and offer in-bed storage units that give you a sedan-like trunk within the box of your truck.

There are options for crew cabs and mega cabs, 2-door trucks and 4-door trucks, short beds and long beds. The versatility and range of customization that trucks provide is nearly limitless.

But is a truck right for you? Well, that depends on your driving habits and needs. If you are hauling a lot of gear or doing heavy-duty work in Tacoma, WA then a truck is the obvious choice. You're not going to get the raw power that a truck offers with any other commuter vehicle. On the other hand, trucks still have a little catching up to do when it comes to gas mileage and comfort.

Sure, they're leaps and bounds above the trucks of the 80s and 90s, but it's only now that manufacturers are starting to discuss electric trucks that are capable of providing the power you want without burning through your gas budget.

The Pickup Truck as a Family Vehicle

It took a long time, but many are starting to see modern pickup trucks as family vehicles and SUV replacements. And why not? The gas mileage on a standard SUV and a pickup isn't that different, and with the 5-passenger capacity and 4 doors on many contemporary truck models, it makes sense to consider the pickup as an option if you want a single vehicle that can blur the line between work life and home life.

In fact, in terms of safety, pickup trucks rival every other vehicle on the road and offer some great perks that are hard to find in sedans and hatchbacks, including weather-specific traction control options and, of course, 4x4 capabilities.

If you're considering a pickup truck as your next vehicle, we recommend finding the model you're interested in online, then visiting our Lakewood, WA showroom to explore all that modern trucks offer in person!


  • Rugged and Durable
  • Surprisingly Roomy Cabs
  • Truck-Specific Safety Features


  • Poor Gas Mileage
  • Less Room than an SUV
  • Still Acquiring Competitive Tech


The Sedan is a Classic Vehicle for a Reason

Head out on any road in any city in the United States, including Tacoma, WA, and you're likely to see more 4-door sedans than any other type of vehicle. The sedan car came about in 1912, but prior to that , the sedan chair was used all the way back in 1630 – yes, 1630.

Needless to say, sedans have a place in history that no other vehicle-type can match. With a sedan, you get great fuel economy and a range of price options that run the gamut from first-car economical to I'm-a-millionaire luxurious. Add on to that the fact that many modern sedans are often tuned for performance and you get a great ride for a great price that won't break the bank.

As sedan are lower to the ground and more wedge-like in design, the sedan-style vehicle is also more aerodynamic than America's other best-selling car-type, the crossover. Meaning better handling at high speeds and less drag when you take to the highway.

There's a reason that nearly every major auto manufacturer loads their lineup with sedan options – they know that when it comes to reliability, durability and resale value, the sedan is hard to beat.

From domestic brands such as Ford, GMC and Chrysler to foreign companies such as Kia, Toyota and Honda, the sedan has a grip on the market and with good reason. Buyers love the sedans safety, its price point and its classic body style.

Business tycoons ride in sedans; famous movie stars drive luxury sedans; class car collectors show off an array of famous sedans – sedans are the vehicles that we think of when someone uses the broad term "car" and that's not bound to change anytime soon.

Is a Sedan the Right Car for You?

What do you want your vehicle to do for you? Do you want to be able to fit into tighter parking spaces without sacrificing interior room? Do you want a car that delivers great gas mileage, has electric and hybrid options, and comes with the security of a lockable trunk?

Do you want your ride to have enough weight that it contributes to your vehicle's stability in poor weather, but don’t need the bulk of a larger truck or SUV? If you answered yes to the above, then a sedan is likely the car for you.

You can enjoy the latest technology, a variety of body styles and plenty of cargo space for your daily commute by buying a used sedan from Curbside Motors near Tacoma, WA.

View our online inventory and find the make and model that grabs your attention. Then come in for a test drive today!


  • Great Gas Mileage
  • A Variety Of Body and Engine Options
  • Easy In/Out for Rear Passengers


  • Not as Roomy as an SUV
  • Passenger Capacity is Less than some SUVs
  • Lacks the Towing Capacity of a Truck


Are You Ready to Step Up to an SUV?

In 1949, the first four-wheel-drive vehicle came out – the Willys Jeep Station Wagon. It's considered by many to be the first true SUV and has seen many iterations leading up to what we know today. See, modern SUVs are not only versatile, rugged, go-anywhere 4x4 vehicles, they're also considered by many to be the wave of the future.

Whether you're talking compact, full-sized or mid-sized SUVs, or if you're including crossover vehicles and compact crossovers in the mix, the SUV has been adopted by many as a family vehicle.

In fact, the SUV is quickly pushing the sedan off the top of the chart as the leading auto-type sold in the United States. But is an SUV right for you? If you're driving through Lakewood, WA, is an SUV the vehicle you should be choosing?

Well, let's take a closer look. Yes, you're going to use more gas in an SUV than you could in a sedan or most coupes. And yes, inner-city driving can be a little trickier due to the size of most SUVs. That said, if you regularly load up for camping trips, athletic events, family excursions or any other sedan-busting activity, the SUV might fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Many SUVs and even some CUVs come equipped with in-vehicle entertainment systems, 3rd-row seats and even hybrid engines to ease the financial strain of driving a larger ride.

A lot of people feel safer in an SUV and enjoy the feeling of being higher up. SUVs and crossover vehicles also bring a range of options to the table in terms of trim, meaning their price points are often competitive with top sedans and can be affordable on most budgets.

The World Opens Up in an SUV

For most of us, any type of car will do. We can get by with something smaller like a MINI Cooper or a Toyota Prius. But if the weather is less than idea – snow, sleet, rain, wind – then road conditions render many smaller rides dangerous if not useless. Those who own SUVs can take on the bad weather with heavier vehicles, 4x4 options and more powerful engines.

Plus, if you enjoy getting off the beaten path, whether on dirt, sand or rocks, an SUV like the Jeep Wrangler might be more up your alley. SUVs and a lot of CUVs are higher up than cars, have bigger tires and larger powertrains, which make them better suited for going where sedans can't. Meaning, if adventure is calling, it might be smarter to answer with an SUV from Curbside Motors near Tacoma, WA.

Our online inventory is loaded with great SUVs that you can drive off in today!


  • Several Price Points
  • Versatile and Rugged
  • Available 7-8 Passenger Capacity


  • Poorer Gas Mileage than Sedans
  • Too Bulky for Cramped City Driving
  • Not as Aerodynamic as Sedans or Coupes


Don't Call it a Station Wagon Anymore

The term station wagon conjures images of slow-moving family trips, uptight parents dragging their kids to boring events and generally uninspired designs. Well, if you haven't noticed, the day of the station wagon is over.

The body style has dropped the "station" and is now known simply as the wagon. Don't worry, today's wagon is definitely not the same vehicle that reigned supreme in the 60s and 70s. It's a hipper, cooler, more powerful and functional ride that offers versatility to its drivers and has a die-hard following.

In fact, the new wagons would likely be unrecognizable to those who remember the original wagon from 1929. Top auto manufacturers like Jaguar, Mercedes and Porsche are making sure of it. The wagon of today features slick styling, innovative interior tech and retains the amazing cargo space that wagons have always had. You might even look at a wagon as a smaller, more maneuverable SUV or crossover vehicle.

The lower center of gravity allows the wagon to handle better and to get better gas mileage too. Of course, the wagon is larger than the hatchback, meaning you'll get more interior space for whatever you're hauling.

Whether you're hitting the slopes or packing up the family, the wagon is the vehicle that brings together a near-perfect blend of the top features from sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs into one affordable package. Knowing all that, is a wagon the right ride for you and your Tacoma, WA friends?

You can Stand Out in a Wagon

Today, driving a wagon is unique. While sedans and crossovers are topping the auto sales charts, many are bucking the system by going to a ride that steps above the pack and shows off sense and sensibility. You may already be in love with the wagon and not even know it!

The Nissan Juke? That's a wagon. The Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen? Obviously a wagon. Jaguar XF Sportbrake? That's a wagon too!

Wagons are still trying to shake the bad rap they received decades ago, and it's allowing more and more people to see the beauty of having a car that has the cargo space of an SUV, or an SUV that drives like a car (however you want to see it).

The point is, the station wagon is long gone – the wagon is here to stay and might just be the ride for you. Find your wagon online then come by our Lakewood, WA showroom to experience a great used wagon for yourself!


  • Great Cargo Space
  • Excellent Handling
  • Solid Gas Mileage


  • Still Shaking Off Wagon Stigma
  • Not as High Up as an SUV or CUV
  • Not as many Body Choices as Sedans
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